Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets Slot Overview

A studio with success in online gaming has two alternatives. One, use what was learned from the successful project to a new initiative or relaunch it. Games Global studio Snowborn chose the second option and gave Pile ‘Em Up a snowy, lovely look for 2022. Why is unknown, but if a colder version of Pile ‘Em Up gets your pulse pumping, join us as we play Frosty Sweets.

As noted, Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets replicated its simple appeal, but colder. Players now play in a snowy, pleasant world instead of the green, tree-lined Duplo universe. Neither looks better aesthetically. Maybe the weather will determine which one to choose. At first, Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets seemed like the first Christmas slot, however there’s no Christmas theme here. Unless it’s one of those woke Christmas festivities that tries to eliminate all Christmas allusions, leaving it dull, uninspired, and uninspiring.

The default RTP is 96.22%, however lower return options are possible. A highly volatile math model runs in the background. No ante bet or feature purchase is available when choosing bets from 20 p/c to £/€30 each spin. A translucent game grid with 20 paylines and 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 symbols land on each spin.

These emblems are frozen plums, watermelons, lemons, and strawberries for low wages and four frozen sweets for high payouts. Hitting a 5 OAK winning line pays 1 to 3.75 times the stake for a low pay win and 12 to 20 times for a big pay win. Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets wilds appear on all reels. Wilds may replace any normal symbol and pay up to 111 times the wager when five line up.

Frosty Treats: Slot Features

If you know how Pile ‘Em Up works, skip this section as the Coin Symbols & Collect, Coin Booster, free spins, and bonus round features provide nothing new.

Coin Symbols, Collect

Coins land at 0.2 to 50 times the bet. A Collect symbol on reel 5 awards the sum of all coin symbols increased by the Coin Booster.

Coin Booster

Coin Booster multipliers rise from x1 to x10 when 1UP symbols land. After multiplying coin symbols, it returns to x1. Per-bet multipliers are offered in regular game, free spins, and bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins stray symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Hitting 3 scatters provides 1.5x the wager and 9 free spins. Landing 2 scatters or 3 scatters during free spins gives you 3 or 9 extra spins. The Coin Respin counter collects all coins and carries over any Coin Booster multiplier from the main game to the free spins feature. When there are no free spins left, players can earn the Coin Respin counter’s total doubled by the Coin Booster multiplier.


Collecting bonus symbols on each reel activates the bonus. Collect bonus symbols across numerous spins. Bonus symbols must appear on each reel to activate the feature, and they are saved per bet. Triggering the bonus gives 3 spins. Each symbol landing resets the count. Coin symbols stay persistent until the feature finishes, while Coin Booster multipliers carry over. The function finishes when spins run out or coins land in all locations. If all coins are in place, their value is 50x the bet. All coin values are doubled by the Coin Booster multiplier when the feature pays off.

Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets: Slot Review

It’s wonderful to go into the review process with a grin, taking each game as it comes, regardless of how it came to be. After comparing Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets’ paytable and stats to the original slot, any smile quickly turned into a mask of wearied boredom. Again? Really? Why? The first game was OK, but then it appeared in Tippy Tavern and Fish ‘Em Up, so meh. A boring clone feels like a quota-making filler spot. In fact, many Games Global suppliers seem to recycle the same concepts with little change. This may connect with their target audience, but not here.

After my diatribe, let’s get to the good stuff. Technically, Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets is comparable to the original. It’s also in a nice, cheery setting, cooler than previously but that may appeal to some gamers. The game offers a decent earning potential of 7,500x the stake, with numerous features and smooth gameplay. It feels like we’re really looking for positives.

Finally, Pile ‘Em Up Frosty Sweets isn’t worse than the previous game, but its pointlessness was hard to ignore. It’s like an AI entity realizing it’s AI rather than a human and questioning its purpose and soul.