The name of Mictran himself alludes to Mictlantecuhtl the leader of Mictlan in Aztec folklore

Miktlan is the domain of the dead, wherein the departed breezes through 9 assessments in 4 years and at last winds up with the ruler. The actual domain is depicted as an otherworldly and dubious spot in which everlasting nightfall rules. The Aztecs treated the ruler of the realm of the dead with deference and stunningness and routinely revered him. Love included custom human flesh consumption, which converges with the game Mictran, which “retained” the body and brain of first Berselius, and afterward Hugo. Another association is the entombment custom. Along with the departed, objects were shipped off the grave that would assist the dead man with rehearsing his art in the realm of the dead.

We as a whole recollect who was in a real sense covered his fundamental art device

Hugo is wearing a noble blue outfit, which represents insight, rationale, ability, chilliness and secret. White sleeves demonstrate the respectable beginning of Hugo, yet in addition void, grieving and vicinity to “God”. The hostility and peril radiating from Hugo are shown by the red example on the man’s robe that “tearing” the chest and defiling the spirit. The principal shade of Miktran is white. It shows “immaculateness”, “ideality” and “heavenliness”. White components are supplemented by red examples, uncovering suddenness and masochist conduct, light energy and peril exuding from Mictran.

The white cape conceals a purple robe under, and that implies bitterness, mystery, consequences for the brain and debasement of different tones. In battle, both Hugo and Miktran depend on Berselius. Berselius, similar to Lenient, permits you to control the four fundamental components + the components of light and obscurity. While projecting spells, Hugo encircles himself with an energy hindrance that shields Hugo and keeps his spell from being intruded. In his typical structure, Mictran involves similar spells as Hugo + a couple of more significant level spells. In his definitive structure, the ruler of paradise speeds up and starts to all the more effectively utilize different components joined with his weapon.

Emilio Catreia was naturally introduced to a rich and regarded family

Father, Hugo Gilchrist, was the leader of the Oberon Company, which basically cornered the whole energy supply of the planet, and his mom, Chris Katreya, was essentially a cherishing and caring lady. Be that as it may, over the long run, Emilio’s dad started to go crazy and, in the end, killed his significant other. Hugo fenced off his child from society and, in seclusion, raised an expert fighter from the kid. The main delight and close companion for Emilio was the servant Marian. Over the long run, the kid turned out to be near his Swordian, Challier. Through long periods of hard preparation, Emilio accomplished extraordinary expertise with the sword, shut his heart to any inclination, created pomposity and narrow-mindedness, and turned into a lethal device in the possession of his dad and the realm he served.

Nonetheless, regardless of the multitude of accomplishments, Emilio was as yet thought to be just a sad remnant of his dad. Then the glad fighter chose to dismiss Emilio and cut another name on the stone of time everlasting. Thus, Leon Magnus was conceived. Leon’s life was loaded up with interminable preparation and embarrassment from Hugo. The young fellow solidly accepted that feelings and their sign are shortcoming, any contact with individuals is an endeavor to benefit, and achievement must be accomplished alone.